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    My old CBR1000F used to die on me in torrential rain, with a sputter as if out of fuel. Give it 5 minutes and it would start and run fine.

    After a year I eventually twigged that the tank breather had been extended by a former owner and was trailing in the spray under the bike. It would suck up water, create a vacuum and prevent fuel from flowing. I removed the extension to the pipe and never had the issue again.

    Not saying you have the exact same problem, but since you are running in all weathers, and you don't think you are losing coolant ... if you look at the plumbing again, does anything new come to mind?

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    Hi big one, good idea, I have noticed the breathers that hang at the bottom of the bike don't sit in the metal ring they are above it - so now you mention it I wonder if they are pinched further back! Or could even be blocked? Thanks for the ideas!

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