question about battery ect ect on cb1000r best place for a battery/charger.
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    question about battery ect ect on cb1000r best place for a battery/charger.

    not ridden my cb1000r for 2months. went to start it up batt is dead. i lent a mates charger and it charged it and it fired up. next morning dead again

    so where is the best place to get a new batt from? also a good batt charger that i can have on trickle charge throughout the crappy weather so it doesn't mess up the new batt.

    thanks guys.

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    The standard battery is fine when trickle charged but is expensive from Honda! On eBay batteries start from £25. The only new battery I've ever bought was a yusa. (Think that's right???)

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    If your going to keep the battery on a trickle charger in the future a cheap battery will do the job.

    I bought a second hand Aprilia RSVR a few years ago, and that had a cheap battery on it. No problems what so ever with the charger on it all the time it was in the garage.

    I should imagine if it was neglected for any period of time it would quickly die, where as a quality battery would probably take more mistreatment.

    The charger I have is a Optimate. Had it for over 10 years. Still works perfectly.

    Good luck.
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    Optimate all the way

    I get my batteries here, good service and cheap eBay My World - batterybayuk

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    Optimate4 Defo , mines on now. On winter lay off I switch it on for 24hrs every 2weeks

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    i use a kree 3 charger. pretty much the same as an optimate but trickles at a lower amp

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    Here is my thread on a new battery $150US + Postage and loose 2.4kg

    Hi Guys,

    So as the title states loose 2.4kg by simply changing your battery from the OEM fat 3kg 12v Battery to a 8 cell LiFePo4 battery

    Some of you maybe scared of something new and i can verify 2 things

    1) the seller MOTY Design - 8 cell battery QD is reputable, he has been selling these for years now, i got one of the first ones he designed over 2 years back

    2) the battery is fantastic, i have been using it for 2 years on my CBR600RR. Never missed a beat and i ride my bike every cold, rain, hail and or shine day.
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