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    I had really good look with the go pro chesty on the CB

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    About those phone mounts... How securely do they grip the phones? I mean, I like my riding spirited, and things can get bumpy.

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    It's surprisingly good for what it is, but it does depend on the phone weight, size, and texture and how wild you are getting. I lost a phone out of it, once. To be fair to the mount, it was an unusual circumstance caused by me doing sketchy shit with the bike. My current phone is lighter and smaller that the one that fell out and I haven't had any problems with it moving around in the mount. If it's a phone you are attached to and you plan on getting stupid, I suggest using a tether, just in case.

    You can see my in-depth review here. My review of the Ram X-Grip phone mount
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    I am thinking of buying this setup:


    So a tank RAM tank ring + extension + gopro mount + gopro hero black 5.

    Do you think it will result in a shaky video? Do I need dampening?

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    Found the solution, at least for me. It's a little low, but works fantastic. I tried it on my Grom first because that thing vibrates LIKE CRAZY. No place was good. Then I bought a GoPro Roll Bar mount and mounted it on my forks, then went for a ride. Perfectly steady, no vibration. Well shit, ordered another one for my CB since it worked so well, and actually just tested it today. I'll know later today if it works when I check the footage. I'll report back. Worked amazing on my Grom though. I have an old GoPro 3+ Silver too, so none of the fancy smancy built in stabilization stuff. When I get my Hero5, it'll be even better. It's a little small for the CB, so the curvature isn't exactly big enough to wrap forks closely, but it's dang close, so hoping footage is as good as my Groms.
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