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Thread: oil leak at exhaust pipe

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    this is a longshot, and should be done as a last resort. there could be a porosity in the casting.
    what needs to be done, is to have the area cleaned thoroughly, and after that is done, as suggested a long ride to generate the leak.
    use some spray white powder, as often is used with dye penetrant, to coat the area, and see EXACTLY where the leak is coming fom.
    you can use the spray foot powder, or baby powder, but one needs to have a clean engine to start with, (lots of elbow grease, half a case or more of carb cleaner/good selection of brushes, pressure washer -bring lots of coins- ) ad a keen eye and an open mind to find the origin of the leak.

    once you find the leak, if it is a porous casting, some epoxy and black paint will fix it up.

    happy hunting.

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    bike at 24,000 miles. couldnt see a leak... will check a few more times

    Whiteout (my bike)

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    Hey guys, taking this post back. Im having a cb1000r 2012 for about a year now, 9500km on it. I have the same leak on the right cylinder. the bike is still on warranty up to end of july. It is a small leak, i had the smell of hot oil burned sometime.. i didnt knew where it came from. From now, my question is: Should i get this to the dealer and take a look at it while it is on the warranty, or i should live with it and keep the engine as is. I dont like people working on my things.. it's never done correctly. So is it worst to leave it that way or i should make a move and ask for a repair.

    Thanks a lot!
    Montreal, Quebec Canada.

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    My bike is a 2009 and had a slight weep from the very same place. This was very slight for a couple of years and then slowly got worse until suddenly it was that bad it just had to be sorted. I would advise you get it done under warranty then if it returns you have the guarantee and right to return if it returns. I had mine done by a good friend who is a very qualified and capable mechanic who also works on race bikes. 75.00 Bargain.
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    Yes, 75 is a bargain - I paid 500 (including a 24.000 km service).

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